Know your audience 💓

Listen! Followers don’t equal dollars! VALUE does.

Paying customers > Followers

I remember when I had my first business, I made my first $100k in about 6 months with only 600 and some Instagram followers. The reason why I was able to have paying customers because I provided value for the products I sold. My customers went through my sales cycle- KNOW, LIKE, TRUST!

Some of you are just looking to sell wigs and have people buy them, but you don’t know your target audience, you aren’t giving social proof and you aren’t providing value.

Consumers LOVE value- WHY SHOULD THEY PURCHASE YOUR WIGS FROM YOU? No one is really giving value to this question. Other than the normal “because I’m the goat at making wigs” Your value should be how is the unit going to HELP them 💕

Leave some 💕💕 if this has helped you and got you thinking. I’m trying to see what content you all want

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